Tuesday 30 August 2016

Original Source Shower Milks

A favourite toiletrie comany of mine have recently brought out a new line and which I was so exciited to try and it’s the Original Source Shower Milks, i’ve used Original Source all the way through my childhood I love their shower gels and everything they stand for, right enough waffling time for the shower milk reviews. I have tried 3 varieties of the shower milks; Green Banan and Bamboo, Coconut and Lime and lastly Sweet Apple and Vanilla.

Green Banana and Bamboo shower milk

This is the one that I thought I would hate the most as I hate bananas but actually it’s a nice scent it’s not over powering it’s got a sour scent to it more like a lime scent than a banana scent.
Coconut and Lime Shower Milk

This is the perfect summer scent as it's coconut and lime, again this isn't over powering its a nice sweet lime/coconut scent, definitely recommend this one.

Sweet Apple and Vanilla Shower Milk
Overall I thought this was going to be my favourite but how wrong was I! This is my least favourite in the bottle it smells very sickly, which isn't a good thing. So I was expecting this scent to be overpowering and sickly but when you go to wash your body with it you can't smell anything there's no sickly smell nothing....so it's gone from one extreme to another. 

Overall I love the concept of these shower milks as they are suppose to be  hydrating and improve your showering experience. Yes they are moisturising but they are very runny and use a lot of product up. They retail around the £1.00 mark depending on where you purchase them, from out of the 3 i've tried I would have to say coconut and lime being my favourite and my least being the sweet apple and vanilla. On a quick note their is 4 scents to this range the 3 i've talked about and there is also cherry and almond which is the one everyone raves about and the one that is probably more up my street but couldn't get hold of, if I do get hold of it in the future i'll let you know my thoughts on it in a favourites post or something. 

Out of all Original Sources range this isn't my favourite I do prefer the original and the skin quench more but I love the concept of this range and I do feel it's one to try out!

Have you tried them?

Thank you for reading!

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