Friday 19 August 2016

Freedom Brush Bath

Now this is probably going to be a boring post to a lot of you as it's about makeup brushes and cleaning them, yes I know one of the worst jobs going but I have a review for you all about a product which could help you.

This product is only £7.00 and seriously going to help you up to brush cleansing. It's basically a solid soap in a plastic container, simple! The only downside is that you do have to be careful that it doesn't slip out of the container, you have to remember it is a bar of soap.

How does it work
The way I use this product is by wetting the soap and my brush and then swirl my brush into the cleanser, once the bristles are coated I massage them to loosen the product then rinse it off and done!

My Overall Impression
Overall this product is amazing it cleanses my brushes so well, they look like brand new after i'v cleaned them. Another point to mention is that they still leave them super soft. I don't feel this product has a scent but personally that doesn't bother me. The only other brush cleanser i've tried before this one was The Real Techniques one (review here) and this 1000% tops it! I can't fault this product as it's affordable and does the job, so if you are in the market for a new brush cleanser then give this one a try!

You might see a few makeup brush cleansing posts in the next couple of months as I am on the hunt to find my perfect one! Have you got any recommendations?

Thank you for reading!

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