Tuesday 16 August 2016

Colab Active Dry Shampoo

I never thought in a million years that I would be reviewing a dry shampoo on my blog but here I am, the reason why I decided to review a 'dry shampoo' on my blog was because Ruth Crilly (A model recommends on youtube) released another dry shampoo to her collection 'Colab', it's called Active dry shampoo and when I read how it differs to her other 'basic' dry shampoo's I knew I had to review it for you. Let's stop with the rambling and move on with the post....

Now I love the normal Colab dry shampoo but this one might be my favourite!!! You can purchase this dry shampoo from Superdrug for about £3.99 ish (don't quote me on that).

Colab Active dry shampoo is part of her sheer and invisible range, what this dry shampoo claims do is pretty impressive!

"Active dry shampoo formulated for active lifestyles to refresh, protect and condition... gym, beach, poolside or just on the go!" 

It has three main points:

  1. Uv protection (WOW)
  2. Pollution protection (double wow)
  3. Conditioning (triple wow)
I picked this up before I went on holiday because what really drew me in was the Uv protection, on holiday I was my hair in the evening before food so the next morning I usually just plait it or something but it always looks flat the next day so this helps to give it some lift but also adds uv protection which is amazing!!!

This dry shampoo is formulated with active ingredients like mooring seed extract which helps protect hair against sun damage and city pollution. (That's just incredible) 

So how does it work?
  1. Shake well
  2. Hold the can 20cm from the roots
  3. Spray 
  4. Massage through and then your ready to go
Above I said how I use it on holiday because when you are in heat your hair can look deflated but this just gives you a lift ( like a little pick me up but for your hair). But at home I use this when i'm out all day but also got to go out in the evening and haven't got time to style by hair so I just spray this in give it a massage in then boom your good to go! 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging too! This packaging just brightens up your day, it's very fun with this blue/yellow ombre affect. 

By far this is my favourite dry shampoo not only does it work to refresh your hair but also because of all the other benefits!! I definitely will be repurchasing this dry shampoo.

Thank you for reading!

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