Tuesday 12 July 2016

What I bought on holiday

Here comes the holiday posts, for this one I thought it was only right to show you the items I bought on my little week away:

Starting off the airport, just before I went away I used up my night time moisturiser, I knew which one I wanted to pick up and thought I would wait until the airport where it is slightly cheaper.
The moisturiser I picked up was The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream from their oils of life collection. It's suppose to be £28 but in the airport £23, my bank now feels a little better with a bit of saving.

The makeup pieces I picked up were from Inglot, I got the freedom system palette trio, which was roughly €15 and I picked up three eyeshadows to go inside (€6 each), I got 607 which is a reddy shade, 399 which is a muted shimmery purple and lastly 339 is a matte taupe.

Lastly I picked up a magnet to remind us of our little trip, I like to collect magnets of places i've traveled to.

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