Friday, 29 July 2016

Makeup Collection

Now this is an exciting post and it's my makeup collection, quick disclaimer all products are purchased using my own money, I just love makeup. Enough with the ramble lets begin.

Where is my storage from?
My storage is all muji or muji style. Some of the pieces have been bought off Ebay and one of them was a gift. My brushes are stored in empty candle jars ( how to remove wax from candle jars here) , I love reusing them as brush holders as they look great. My nail polishes are stored in a glass jar.

Section 1 - Top half

As you can see in this first section which was purchased off Ebay ages ago, it has 2 sections to it a top and a bottom with draws. The top half contains lipsticks, my eyelash curlers (review here), mirror, tweezers (review here) and eye pencil sharpener.

Section 2- Bottom half

As you can see the bottom half has 2 smaller draws and then underneath them there are 2 bigger draws. In the first small draw on the left has highlighters there is my Soap and glory glow all out, and my Cindy lou manizer (review here). In the second small draw on the right we have blushers, there is helen e, mua, nyx, h&m (review here) and no7.

In the first large draw is bronzers we have physicians formula, the body shop honey bronzer, soap and glory solar powder, 19 pink bronze, nyx wonder stick and a random Nars blush in deep throat (review here).

Underneath that draw we have another large draw and this holds lip crayons, and lip glosses.

Second lot of Muji storage

This muji storage was a gift but i've seen similar in Tkmaxx. Theres one medium size slot at the back which is great for palettes, a larger section in front of that, then a smaller section in front of that then lipstick slots. On the right, starting at the back there is 4 deep slots, to the left of that there is a medium deep slot. Then in front of that a large section in front.

Starting at the back we have palettes, we have Clarins (it was a limited edition for Christmas 2 years ago) Gwen Stefani by Urban decay (review here).

In front of that we have more palettes, we have my Too faced sweet peach palette (review here), Vivo eye palette (amazing if you can still get your hands on it and it was only a £5.00), Ruby cosmetics contour palette (review here), Urban decay basics 2 (review here) and Soap and glory quad.

In front of that we have single eyeshadows so we have h&m, essence, colour pop (post here) and a random Freedom eyebrow gel.

Then we have my highend/luxury lipsticks, just to name a few we have Chanel, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury. If you would like to see a post on them let me know.

Then back to the back again but on the right hand side we have mascaras Guerlain (review here), Too faced (review here), Essence (review here). Concealers Kiko, Barry m, Collection. Eyebrow products which are from Soap and glory. Then a random hand sanitiser and body shimmer.

Then right at the front we have Foundations, Soap and glory (review here), Gosh (review here), Helen e (review here), Chanel (review here) and Clinique (review here).

So there you have it my makeup collection, if there's anything you saw and would like a more in depth review then please let me know or if you would like a lipstick collection then just let me know and I would be happy to do that for you.

Thank you for reading!


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