Sunday 5 June 2016

Kylie Lip Kit Review and Swatches

I've wanted one of the Kylie Lip kits for so long, I have one of the glosses (review here) but what I truly wanted was one of the kits, so when my boyfriend Paul sent me a snapchat saying your Kylie lip kit has been shipped, I honestly nearly cried. Paul has heard me go on about the lip kits for so long and how much I wanted Koko K, but I never thought he would go out of his way and order me one (boyfriend brownie points correct?.

So last week it arrived and i've been wearing it everyday since, it was obvious I was going to do a post about it wasn't it?

Just like the gloss it arrived in a black box with Kylie cosmetics written on it, and inside came with foam to protect it and a little note.

As you can see in the picture the box is the exact same as all of Kylie's cosmetics a white box with black writing and picture of lips with the colour on them.
Koko K is the perfect match for my lip colour it's nearly like my lips but better, but more obvious (what sort of description was that Hannah?).

The lip liner is so smooth, creamy and doesn't drag across your lips when applying. The lipstick itself has that typical vanilla/cake smell (I LOVE it, it reminds me of Mac smell), it goes on smoothly and very opaque, one coat is definitely just needed. When applying it does feel more like a gloss but then sets and stays in place! It does not move! They are also very comfortable on the lips.

Left to Right:
Lip liner on it's own, Lip liner and Lipstick, Koko K and So Cute gloss

This colour goes with every look, from a dramatic eye to no makeup looks. But another way I like to wear this kit is with one of Kylie's glosses in the shade so cute and it just makes the lips plump.

Need a dupe check out Colourpop cosmetics or NYX.

So are these lip kits worth it, I would say if you are a beautaholic then yeh they are but if you aren't into makeup that much or don't alway wear makeup then definitely check out Colourpop or NYX because they do some great dupes.

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Thank you for reading!



  1. need to get a lip kit! torn between koko k and candy k! this looks lovely
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle

    1. I highly recommend them, Koko K is beautiful x


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