Sunday 19 June 2016

ELF Haul/ First Impressions

For a while now i've been eying up the Elf cosmetics website and been putting items into my wish list, until last pay day when I decided to take the plunge and do an order. It's finally arrived so I thought I would do a haul/ first impressions. 

I few pointers first the shipping price is reasonable at only £2.99 (or something like that) or if you spend over £25.00 it's free shipping, also Elf always throw extra items into your cart if you spend so much, which personally is a nice touch. BUT even though I was purchasing through the UK site everything was still shipped from America so I don't get why both sites have different products if they come from the same warehouse? It took around 14/15 days to get here which is a long time if you are inpatient like me. 

Onto the haul I bought three products and I received the 'stunners' gift set which was a mystery set. 

So the three items I picked up were:

Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser £12.99: Now I'm excited to try this because it's like a gel/balm consistency which is my favourite for taking off makeup- review definitely needed for this. 

Aqua Beauty Molten liquid eyeshadow £5.00 in the colour rose gold: Now again I was excited to try this because it looks like a lipgloss which you just put on your eyes and I thought this in a rush or for a simple eye look would be a good choice BUT I was disappointed not with the colour because the colour is beautiful but with the staying power, I knew it wasn't going to last a huge amount of time but it wore off in a couple of hours. I'm going to give it another go with a primer and setting it and see how that works and i'll keep you updated. 

Lastly for what I bought: High definition under eye setting powder  £4.50: Now I was shocked when I saw how small the pot was but i've sort of got over that, this product is white and very finely milled, it is great for setting under the eyes I even like it around my nose. I see why this product is one of the bestsellers.

Moving onto what was in the mystery gift set, there was two choices 'stunners' or 'sweetie' the reason I picked stunners was because both sets shown one of the products and stunners was a full face powder which I thought would be like the under eye one but I was wrong BIG TIME. 

There was 5 items in this gift set which is generous:

- First of is the face powder which doesn't have a name on it so I don't know what it's called but it's in shade soft lumiere which looks like a pinky/highlight colour. This product didn't mattify my skin it just made me look cakey so not fan of this. 

- Second/third is Gel eyeliner in the shade black and an eyeliner brush- now this is just personal I hate eyeliner 1. it doesn't suit me 2. I can't do it I suck at it.  But I did give it ago and it is a very creamy product very smooth and doesn't drag along the skin, so if you are a fan of gel eyeliner then this one is a good option.

-  Keeping on the eyes now this product is just not me and it's a smoky eye palette which is just not me and not something I would wear, but I have heard that the eyeshadows are decent quality. 

- Lastly is a lipgloss in the shade glow- now this lipgloss is sticky and is a lovely shade for the summer, it does have glitter particles in it so I like to wear it over a lipstick just to give it a sheen.

Apart from a few things I am overall happy with my elf order and I think you can get a lot for your money. 

Have you tried anything from elf or recommend any items?

Thank you for reading!


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