Friday 10 June 2016

Are They Worth it? Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Time for another are they worth and this time it's Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers!

Firstly how many of you 1) don't curl your eyelashes or 2) bought a cheap flimsy pair or even both! Well I have to admit I have been both of those girls, I never use to curl my eyelashes until I started watching youtube videos, I saw loads of people buying the Shu Uemura ones but I got justify it so I bought cheap £2.50 ones which nearly pulled my eyelashes out!

There's a lot of you out there who have done both of these, well you need to start doing it! So Last Christmas mum asked me to do a stocking list so I decided to put the Shu Uemura ones on my list and I got them!

Every single day I use my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and they are AMAZING, so i'm going to write my review to try and convert you to either buy them or put them on your Birthday/ Christmas list.

I have short stubborn eyelashes so I need all the help I can get with them so does this hyped up product help with that? Yes!

Okay yes the silver packaging does look like every other eyelash curler on the planet cheap or expensive but theres even away around that, I got the Christmas edition gold ones which make them look a bit more fancy. So the packaging is the same but are the the main difference is the rubber pad, it's a lot more sturdier and less flimsy than cheaper ones. That's what probably makes the curl look amazing compared to others.

With cheaper eyelash curlers I found you had to be pretty quick with applying mascara and sometimes having to use waterproof because the curl use to drop. With the Shu Uemura curlers it lasts all day and you don't even have to use waterproof mascara.

As you can see in the 1st photo, my lashes are naturally short, so I have to curl them. Then looking at the 2nd picture which my eyelashes are curled in there's a big difference, they look very dramatic but I love that about eyelashes I like them to stand out.

So if I lost them would I repurchase? Yes... I know it's an expensive tool but you get your moneys worth. They retail for £20.00 and can be purchased from Space Nk or any Shu Uemura counter.

Have you tried them? Do you think they are worth the splurge?

Thank you for reading?


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