Friday, 20 May 2016

3 Easy Hairstyles

Summer is slowly approaching us so I thought I would share with you 3 easy quick and heatless hairstyles that you can rock this summer!

Braid Bun 

This one I go to time after time again. regardless of what the weather is like!

Step 1: Split your hair into half and tie one half back out of the way

Step 2: Braid your hair in a traditional braid

Step 3: After section is braided secure with a clear bobble

Step 4: Repeat on the other section of hair

Step 5: Grab both braids and cross them over each other

Step 6: Each end of the braids hide in the other braid and secure with a bobby pin

Step 7: Spray with hairspray and there you go you have an easy braid bun!

Dutch Pigtail Braids
This is style is one that is going to be my go to on holiday for around the pool/beach and it is  dutch pigtail braids.

Step 1:
Split your hair into half and tie one half back out of the way

Step 2:  Grab the front section of your hair so for me it's my fringe, and start to braid.

Step 3: once you've started to braid your hair what you need to do is grab pieces of hair from the back and incorporate it into your braid

Step 4: you keep grabbing sections until, you get to about eye length after that just do a normal braid

Step 5: When you run out of hair secure it with a clear bobble.

Step 6: Repeat on the other side

So the first 2 are great if you haven't washed your hair or just having a bad hair day! For the last style this one for when the weather is hot and you just want to get the front part of your hair out of your face.

Get it off my face (yeh I didn't know what else to call it!)

There is 2 ways of doing this look:

Step 1: Grab both front sections on both sides of your face and place in the middle of your hair and secure with a couple of bobby pins or a pretty clip ------->

<--------Other way:
Step 1: Grab a section of  hair from the front and twist back and secure with a bobby pin
Step 2: repeat on the other side
Step 3 Add more bobby pins if needed and spray with hairspray to secure

Hope these hairstyles gave you some inspiration this summer.

P.s Thank you Paul for being my camera man!

Thank you for reading!


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