Tuesday 12 April 2016

What's in my uni bag

Okay so it's Easter break and I need to sort out my uni bag so I thought what better excuse to do a what's in my uni bag!

Firstly my bag is from River Island, unfortunately I can't find this bag online but I got it back in January/February. You can either where this handbag across the arm or over the shoulder because it's got a long strap which makes it ideal for uni.

This bag has 3 compartments.

In the first side compartments is the size that usually stores my mac.

On the other side in the other compartment stores my student planner and my blog post note pad.

In the main compartment as you can see is just a huge mess now, I usually in beginning try and keep this compartment tidy but as it's end of the term it's got in a right mess, so let's see what's in there!

We have:

  • The Co-operative clear washproof plasters- i've got these in my bag because I wore new shoes which have ruined my feet!

  • Sweet wrappers!

  • Receipts

  • Gloves

  • Mini Hair brush

  • Hand food by Soap & Glory

  • Gengigel - Had a terrible ulcer 

  • Highlighter

  • Pencil case - from WhSmith- Laura Ashley

  • Page dividers

  • My purse which is also from River Island

  • Ipod nano and charger

  • Compact mirror

  • What I like to call my TMI pouch which holds paracetamol, tampons, pads, mini perfume, cotton buds, hair grips and bobbles

  •  My house keys

  • Glue stick

  • Random pen

  • And not 1 but 8 lip products: Hourglass extreme sheen lipgloss in the shade verse, MAC frost lipstick in the shade angel, natural collection lipstick in the shade pink mallow and cranberry, soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick in the shade fuchisaristic, essence longlasting nude lipstick in the shade 03 come naturally, Kiko matte lipstick in the shade 613 and lastly Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution in the shade bond girl.

So that's everything in my uni bag!

Thanks for reading!



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