Sunday 17 April 2016


OMG IT"S ARRIVED!!!!!! Unfortunately I didn't stay up later enough for the lip kits but I did get hold of the gloss!!!

There are three shades: Literally, Like and So Cute, I got So Cute the reason behind the purchase for So Cute was purely down to me liking the name!

The glosses cost $15.00 so in total with shipping it came to $29.00 so converting that into British pounds comes to around £21.00 so not too bad! The product took around a week and half to arrive so not bad really (pretty quick).

The product came in a lovely black and white box with tonne or padding inside to protect the product! You also get a signed card inside from Kylie (a lovely touch), then there is the product which comes in a white cardboard tube with the colour of lipgloss on top.

The lipgloss packaging is comes in what feels like a glass tube but personally I think it's just plastic, with a black lid and black writing.
So cute is a warm nude beige, and once applied it gives my lips what looks like a voluminous affect! This isn't a sticky gloss it is very comfortable on the lips and definitely going to be a new favourite!

Also new to the Kylie cosmetics range is the 'metals' which look beautiful! ( I NEED THEM!!)

A quick note Kylie cosmetics are cruelty free and also some of the products are vegan!

Have you got any of the Kylie cosmetics? If yes what have you got? If no which one do you want?

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