Tuesday 26 April 2016

Coconut oil as a beauty product

So recently in the beauty world, beauty guru's have been raving about using coconut oil has a beauty product so i'm here to share my thoughts. I tried coconut oil out in five ways; makeup brush cleanser, makeup remover, hair mask, body lotion a shaving lotion. Want to know my opinion keep reading!

Let's start of with using it as a makeup brush cleanser: I swap and change my brush cleanser so often it was unreal so when I saw people using it has a brush cleanser I thought I would give it ago! Well honestly it was an awful experience I had to stop cleaning them because 1 it was taking forever and 2 it wasn't actually cleaning them properly, it was getting the product off the tips of the brushes but not actually inside them. So i'm still on the hunt for a brush cleanser, any suggestions?

The second thing I used coconut oil for was as a makeup remover:
As a makeup remover this was brilliant! It removed everything, it also left my skin feeling supper soft! I definitely agree with this hack.

 The third thing I used coconut oil for was hair mask: This was AWFUL, I put it in the ends of my hair left it on for about an hour, went to wash it off everything was fine, brushed through my hair like a dream but when I got to drying it, it started going wrong. My hair started to clump together and I knew then that it was going to show greasy ends, and guess what it did, my hair just looked like it hadn't been washed in about a month (no lie). It took two attempts to wash the oil out of my hair, wouldn't recommend this hack to anyone!

After the previous hack being a disaster I thought what else could go wrong. So the fourth hack using coconut oil was as a body lotion, and I have to say this was fine, it hydrated my body and left it feeling smooth, the only downside with this for me was that it left a residue on my skin which personally I hate. If you are someone who doesn't like putting chemicals on their skin then this is for you.

And lastly using it as a shaving lotion: this was a great hack it helped the razor glide on the skin smoothly and hydrated my skin at the same time! Definitely recommend this hack.

Like said above if you are someone who want's no chemicals or nasty ingredients in their body/skin care then I would say try out coconut oil as there is some great uses out there!

Thanks for reading!

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