Friday 29 April 2016

April Favourites 2016

OMG another month has gone! To be honest i'm happy this month is over with, hasn't been my favourite! Let's start off by saying unfortunately on the 1st of April I had to say goodbye to Holly my cat who has been in my life since I was around 2 and i'm 19 so that's a long time! So as you can see that was a great start to my month....not, but let's see what I have been loving throughout April.

Starting off with the lifestyle bits, so after Holly sadly passed I decided to get something to remember her by... so I scrolled through Ebay to find a small photo frame which I could just put a photo in (is that tacky?) and this is the one I found I love it! It goes with my decor shabby chic, it isn't too small but not too big that people would think it's tacky and the best part it only cost £10.00. Photo frame link here 

My other half Paul knew how devastated I was so he went into Pandora and bought me a necklace with two H's on so I could wear on day's I want her there or missing her.

Moving onto something funny a tv show... they have finally brought back Real House Wives Of Cheshire, this makes me laugh all the time, it just cheers you up. Keeping on the media part the only song i've been loving is by Mike Posner took a pill in Ibiza, this is getting me in the mood for summer, only 9 weeks and i'll be in the sun!!

With my holiday around the corner I have been trying to get fitter so I have been relying on the fitness app to monitor my calories! But I have also been loving a game, which I can't believe i'm saying this and it's the disney game in which you design your own park (yes I am a kid at heart and love anything to do with disney).

Moving onto beauty and fashion, the sun has ben coming out more recently so I have been reaching for my Ray-Bans in the copper flash round lenses (OMG heart emoji). For makeup been loving the Too Faced better than sex mascara, Hourglass lipgloss in versa and my Kylie Jenner lipgloss in so cute (review here). For cleaning my makeup brushes I have been loving the Freedom brush cleanser bath it's amazing (review coming soon).


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