Tuesday 22 March 2016

Foundation Review: Soap and glory one heck of a blot foundation

Time for another foundation review I haven't done one of these in ages!

Soap & Glory have been extending their makeup range recently and bit by bit i've been try it out, so let's start with their foundation.

The foundation is called One Heck of a blot foundation and its a liquid to powder finish. It retails for £12.00 and there is only 4 colours to this foundation, so their isn't much variety for darker skin tones. The colour I have is fair enough which I believe is the lightest shade.

I've heard many mixed reviews, so here is mine:

This is what Soap and glory state in the product description: "Flawless. Fabulous. Full coverage. Rise but don’t shine with ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ All Day Liquid-to-Powder Foundation from SOAP & GLORY™. With SHINE-BLOC 12HR  LONGWEAR TECHNOLOGY so your complexion stays gorgeously oil-free all day. Plus, SUPER-BLUR™ POWDERS to help blur away the appearance of pores, imperfections and redness. No caking. No shine. No way you’ll go back to your old foundation. Want flawless, shine-free skin? ONE HECK OF A BLOT All Day Liquid-to-Powder Foundation is, in our opinion, THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER for oily skin."

Do I agree?

Yes and No! If you are super oily you will love this foundation but if you are dry stay well away. I agree that it does have a shine bloc which is amazing because you don't actually have to powder when using this foundation. Does it last 12 hours it does last a long time but towards the end of the day it does start to disappear. Yes it helps blur away the appearance of pores and redness it did that very well actually. I wouldn't say it left my skin looking flawless and cake free because if too much applied it did cake, be warned it does sit in fine lines and around the nose (which I hate). Fair play that is one hell of a statement to make saying it's the best foundation!

How they say to use it:

After moisturising, use your fingers (or a brush) to dab a few dots of One Heck Of A Blot All Day Liquid-to-Powder Foundation down the centre of your forehead, nose and chin. Blend centrally and then rub any excess outward onto your cheeks for flawless (absolutely flawless) skin.

How I use it:

I have tried using all methods with this foundation beauty blender is a big no no, fingers again no it just doesn't apply right, so the only way is with a buffing brush I use the Zoeva 102 silk finish brush. I think the thing that makes this so hard to blend is the fact that it is very thick consistency. So the way I use it is with a few drops of Gosh Foundation drops (review coming soon) and that just makes it a little bit runnier and easier to apply.

All in all it's not the worse foundation i've tried I just won't be repurchasing because there is better out there but if you are oily definitely give it ago! Have you tried this foundation? What do you think and what is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Thanks for reading!



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