Tuesday 8 December 2015

Clothes Show Live 2015

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Okay so last weekend meaning the 5th December I went to the clothes show live with my mum, so I thought I would do a little summary of what I bought and my thoughts about event.

Okay so first off me and mum paid a little bit more for platinum tickets, which meant it came with a free goodie bag. But I was extremely disappointed with the goodie bag because everything in there was just crap! The platinum tickets cost around £44.00 while the normal ones range for £25 to £30.00  depending when you buy them, so as you can see it's a big difference. So in the goodie bag you got:

  • The clothes show guide

  • Ultra Towels

  • 2 samples from Palmers

  • Ph Balanced Feminine wipes

  • Hot chocolate sachet

  • Bottle of coke

  • Hair band

  • FemFresh

  • Burts bees lipgloss

  • Baileys chocolate

  • Teisseire Gourmet coffee drops in the flavour vanilla

So as you can see not a lot for your money, not impressed.

Moving onto the clothes show itself, the fashion show was amazing, loved every minute of that! Charli XCX performed boom clap which was awesome and the models look fabulous!

There was a good variety of stalls, but the one's who were giving goodie bags away for like £10.00 you had to check what was in them because sometime's it was just stuff people didn't want, everyone was rushing for the Barry m and Models own ones but I stayed away because I knew I wouldn't use them! One disaster of a goodie bag I had was from a company called Second Skin cosmetics, they were doing a goodie bag for £5.00 but inside were all testers or open products, so I took it back and asked for my money back, be careful because all the products from that stand were testers or had been opened!

But on the positive side I did purchase some nice things:

From NYX (which may I add I had to queue for around half an hour!) I bought:

  • Dewy Finish setting spray

  • Cream blush in Rose Petal

  • Mega Shine lipgloss in natural

  • Butter lipstick in little susie

From Helen E cosmetics:

They were doing a makeup cube set for £10.00 (the only goodie bag I bought) but inside you got really good stuff!:

  • Skin smoother- which I am wearing today I love!

  • Cover it

  • Powder blush in- in the pink

  • Nail polish in Hollywood Glam

  • Eyeliner in black

  • Lip liner in shade 5

  • Lipgloss in strawberry

I also bought 3 brushes from Spectrum (they had some great deals and also 3 for 2 on the single brushes)

  • Firstly I got the C04 which is an angle brush

  • C05 eye blender brush

  • A10 which is a fan brush

My mum did pick a few things for stalking fillers but you will have to wait for what I got from Christmas to find out!

So overall I really enjoyed the clothes show, I am  a bit disappointed in the premium goodie bag so wouldn't recommend splashing out on that but all in all a good day!

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