Wednesday 23 December 2015

Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Toner Pads

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Another review! This time we are talking about exfoliating pads, which are on the pricey end of things!

Firstly begin by these pads usually retail for about £29 but I found them in Tkmax for £9.99. I would never of paid full price for these pads as they didn't really stand out to me. You get 50  pre soaked pads.

They are designed for oily skin as they are targeted to control oil and shine.  They claim to do that without drying out the skin, I did feel like my skin was a  little bit dry after using them. I should point out that I have combination skin and I used these pads every night after cleansing.

It works by the pads are suppose to absorb excess sebum and the multi-fruit exfoliators minimise pores. They also claim to:
• Decongests pores and reduces inflammation
• Gently exfoliates to prevent breakouts
• Hydrates the skin to restore moisture balance
• Controls oil where needed without drying

I have struggled to find the ingredients for these pads but it does say on the packaging that it includes salicylic acid and AHAS. But also states on the website that they are parben free.

The packaging is a white tub with blue writing on. They do have a scent, which is very chemically in my opinion but it isn't over powering.

I wouldn't repurchase these again and I wouldn't recommend as I feel they did nothing for my skin. They didn't minimise my pores and I have large pores. I would say though if you are extremely oily then to give them ago because they are more designed for very oily skin.

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