Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fashion Investment- Leather Jacket

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Well hello and I am back with another fashion investment post, in these posts I write about key items I think you should have in your wardrobe, so today's is all about leather jackets.

So as it's been my birthday recently I was lucky enough to be given money (which I think everyone thought it was going towards by study but they were wrong), and for ages now I have been wanting to get a real leather jacket because they last ages but are fashionable and go with everything!

So off I went to Cheshire Oaks (shopping outlet) and went into Lakeland leather which specialise in real leather goods, and this is where I found my dream leather jacket! The colour I went for is black because personally I think it goes with everything better but it's purely down to what you like and what suits you.

What I love about leather jackets is that they go with everything and I mean everything, they look great thrown on with jeans and T-shirt, cute little dresses/skirts but a leather jacket just pulls it together but they also look great on a night in the colder months and if your like me and can't be doing with the cold weather but going on a night out but putting any other coat on spoils the look, look again leather jackets go with everything and still look stylish!

Another thing I love about leather jackets are that they can pull a look together if your casual but can also make a smart/girly outfit look less smart/girly so things like dresses and skirts, leather jackets sort of give a rock chic/biker chic look.

The jacket I went for as you can see from the picture, has a sort of waterfall front which is different from any typical jacket but I like it sort of gives it a more girly affect. This jacket cost me £135 which yes is expensive but this jacket is pure leather and will last me forever with the right care, I will definitely get my usage out of it because I wear them with everything, I definitely think it's worth the price and money well spent.

If your thinking about investing in leather jackets I would highly recommend doing so because they will last you a lot longer than a cheap one which you will have to keep replacing!

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