Friday, 25 September 2015

My Birthday!

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So yesterday was my birthday! Which now means this is my last year of being a teenager (insert sad emoji here), but it was a great day!

Starting off with the night before my birthday, me, mum, dad and Paul went out for meal to Hickorys and it was delicious, we spent the night eating loads of food and drinking lots of cocktails (well me and mum were, raspberry mojito was my favourite!).

So the day of my birthday, of course I woke up bright and early, with Paul wishing me a happy birthday I was very shocked he could remember (he's not a morning person and takes at least an hour to come round), so we all went downstairs where I opened my cards and presents. Most people this year kindly gave me money knowing that i'm in university and probably will need it! But I did receive some presents, starting with Paul (if you don't know Paul is my boyfriend) and he did the best, if any of you read my birthday wishlist blogpost you might have seen that I have been drooling over the Olivia Burton watches recently and well I don't have to anymore because i've finally got one!

Moving on from my parents I asked for money because i've been wanting a new leather jacket for a while, but they also got me a few little things to open, they got me a candle (because they know how much I love them and this one smells amazing), box chocolates (these are a must every birthday), and lastly a Sanctuary spa set which came in this adorable butterfly makeup bag which is definitely coming with on my jollys, lastly for presents I received another section for my makeup collection and I can't wait to sort everything out.

On the night of my birthday me and Paul went out for a romantic meal on our own, we went to Pant Yr Ochain which is a lovely old style pub but it serves amazing food, neither of us had starters because i'm more of a pudding lover, so for main I had duck which to die for and Paul had braised lamb which looked equally good, and for dessert, of course I was going to go something chocolatey, so I ordered chocolate and salted caramel tart and Paul had sticky toffee pudding, all in all it was a lovely night.

Overall I had a wonderful birthday and i'm incredibly lucky!

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