Friday, 28 August 2015

London Haul

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Happy Friday everyone!

So for today's post I thought I would share what I bought in London.

So believe it or not I didn't do as much shopping as I thought I would do! But what I did buy I love, so here is what I bought!

Okay let's start of with Primark, now I actually wasn't as impressed with the Primark in Oxford Street, I actually believe the Liverpool one is better but the Oxford Street shop was having work done to it maybe it was bad timing, so anyway for Primark I bought this candle (see picture below) I saw this candle on their instagram and loved the look of it and for £4.00 I knew I had to pick it up, and so I did, I haven't yet burnt it but looking forward to. The next item I picked up was a piece from Gabriella's ( velvetgh0st)  range which she's just launched, it was of course the cat eye mask and I found this so cute and for £1.80 picked it up, apparently I look ridiculous sleeping with it on but it's quite comfy and soft compared to other eye masks i've tried, next time your in your Primark so and look at her range there is something for everyone.


Okay moving onto LUSH!!! Now this is the best Lush i've ever been in, they have exclusive products dedicated for the Lush on Oxford street, so I was good and only picked up items I couldn't get in my local lush and that turned into being quite a few.

I picked up:

Bubble macaroon ( cost around £4.00) which you can see below and this is a rose smelling bubble bar, you will soon see that I mostly buy bubble bars because I find them cost effective because your only using a small amount at time whereas with a bath bomb the whole thing has to go in.

Next up is the SuperTramp bubble bar, now when I went to the till the woman serving me said no one buys this one and it's a rare occasion if someone does, so I had to the unusual one and buy it, I really like this one the smell is unique but still quite relaxing, again this is around the £4.00 mark but totally worth it because I get a lot of baths out of it.

Okay moving on we have the very cute/adorable Milky bath which costs around £3.00 mark, this is apparently very soothing, relaxing, which adds softness to your skin, looking forward to trying this one.

Okay this definitely an Oxford Street exclusive, these are little balls of oils, they are £2.00 each, they are very soft and melt easily, they are suppose to help make your skin nice and soft and moisturised.

Now moving onto New Look, now I saw a couple of things online that I wanted to pick up but when I got there never had my size in stock, but the one thing they did was this oversize jumper, I thought this would be ideal for those colder Autumn days and have to go to uni, a pair of jeans, knee high boots and this jumper and a look is sorted, can definitely seeing this jumper making  a lot of appearances this winter.

And last but not least I couldn't leave London without buying a new lipstick (yes i'm obsessed) so I decided to go for a brand I couldn't easily get hold of back in my local Debenhams, so I went for....... (drum role) Charlotte Tilbury and OMG it's beautiful I went for her range which is the matte revolution and the colour I got (well Paul picked out, well done Paul) was Bond Girl and for me it's my your lips but better colour and i've been wearing it none stop since I bought it, and I can definitely see it featuring in my September favourites.

So there you have it my London haul, I have to say I didn't spend as much as I thought, hoped you liked seeing what I bought, see you next time!

Thanks for reading!



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