Tuesday, 25 August 2015

London Break

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Hello everyone, so last week I went away for 4 days with Paul, just to get away from all the drama of work and preparing for college/uni, and for our perfect 4 day break we decided to go to London as we both love the city, so I thought in this blogpost I would write about what we did down there, so I better get started because there's a lot!

Okay starting with Tuesday 18th August- This was the day we travelled down we caught the 9:00 o clock train down to London and got there for about twenty to 12, so by the time we got to our hotel, (which I should mention we stayed in the Hilton Olympia in Kensington, beautiful hotel would highly recommend it ) we only had the afternoon so we decided to have a wonder around Kensington itself, we popped to Kensington Palace and walked through the park, but the best part that day was when I found a Whole Foods!!!! (should of saw Paul's face when I found it, think he knew we were going to be in there a while) I loved Whole Foods and can see why it is so popular down there but also in America. Okay so for our evening meal we found a restaurant called Babylon roof gardens, this was a beautiful restaurant with incredible views over London, this restaurant is kinda on the pricey side but totally worth it.
Moving onto Wednesday 19th August- We woke up bright and early (well I did but made too much noise getting ready that it woke Paul up, think i'm to use to early starts with work, well that was my excuse anyway, could just be that I was excited to explore London) So on this day we went to London Zoo and OMG I LOVED IT, i'm a big fan of zoo's anyway, but I was completely surprised with it, the way it is designed is beautiful, if your in London and love the zoo, would defiantly recommend going here, believe it or not I think Paul enjoyed it too (don't tell him I said that haha).  Okay so for the rest of the afternoon we walked by Westminster Abbey, saw Big Ben, London eye, Downing Street, walked through Green Park and then from there to Buckingham Palace, after looking round the sights, we walked up to Piccadilly Circus area, where we saw the Ritz and went to Fortnum and Mason (BEAUTIFUL!!). By this point we were shattered so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening meal, as Paul being a chef he loves Gordon Ramsey, so it was obvious he was going to book a meal at one of his restaurants, the one he booked us at was at The Maze in Mayfair unfortunately The Maze kitchen had problems so they had to move us next door to The Maze Grill, Paul was obviously gutted, but I didn't see the difference oops but no it was beautiful evening with amazing food, highly recommend visiting this restaurant, was on the pricey side but not as much as I thought.

Okay so Thursday 20th August- So this was our last full day in London, so we headed to the Imperial War Museum because we're both history fans, all the museums in London are free, which is a bonus, there is a museum in London that would suit everyone, anyway moving onto the Imperial War Museum, it is suited on the other side of London Bridge but wasn't that far to travel on the tube, think if I remember right it was only one change, this really did touch me especially the Holocaust section, and I think it was a good reminder of everything that happened, I don't want to spoil it so if you are a fan of history, definitely go and check this museum out. So from the museum we decided to go and look at the Shard (just WOW), HMS Belfast (Bloody big), walked over London bridge, walked past Tower of London and then from there we went to the famous Harrods (spent about 3 hours just getting lost in there). For the evening meal that night it was my turn to pick somewhere, so I did my research before I went and found a restaurant in Covent Garden area called (let's see if I can get this right) Hawksmoor Seven Dials, this is basically a steak restaurant and inside was quite incredible how it was decorated and the food was amazing ( and the cocktails hmm), yet again it was kinda on the pricey side, worth it but if you have't guess me and Paul don't mind paying for good food.

Friday 20th August- So this was the day we were coming home (sad face) but as our train wasn't until the evening we decided to head to the shops! If Paul thought I was going to London and not doing any shopping then he was wrong, and of course I dragged him round Oxford Street, Bond Street then Selfridges, I love shopping and shopping in London is definitely now my favourite place to Shop, it's just a shame I can't get there easily ( I have got a London Haul coming for my next post, so keep your eyes open) as timed ticked on and I was enjoying looking round way too much, it was finally time to go to the train station where we got on the train and headed home.

I had a lovely few days away, de-stressing and preparing for the madness for when I got home, I could definitely live in London and will definitely be visiting again! If you are looking for a mini break in Britain then visiting London would be the place I would recommend!

Hope you enjoyed reading, and listening to me rambling on



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