Friday, 21 August 2015

August Favourites

Happy Friday!

So for today's blogpost is everything I have been loving throughout the month of August, I can't believe August is nearly over yes I think everyone says every month goes quick but this one has!

So let's get into the blogpost:

Beauty Favourites:

Colab dry shampoo in New York scent- so this dry shampoo was created by the beauty blogger Ruth Crilly (blog- A Model Recommends). In the range there is 6 different scented dry shampoos, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Rio, Monaco and under each scent there is a mini version but also an extreme volume version. This is a lovely collection and a very affordable one to, only costs £3.49. Moving onto why this is a favourite and it's purely down to the fact it is lightweight, and doesn't show any product in the hair so you wouldn't know if you had dry shampoo in, but also because it works gives your hair a bit of life when it is looking flat and greasy.

Master Sculpt by Maybelline- Okay so this product is a big love! This is basically a contour palette that works on the highstreet! There is two colours a light/medium and a medium/dark, I have the light/medium colour and it's perfect for my pale skin, on one side you get the contour colour and on the other you get a beautiful highlight again rare for the hightsreet! This contour is great for a strong and light contour depending on what look your going for, and the highlight gives a lovely glow to the skin, and it is at a bargain price of £6.99!

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes- 301 contour brush- So at the same time I bought the master sculpt I bought this brush to use with it (even though the master sculpt does come with a brush) and well I fell in love with this brush the second I took it out of the packaging, it is just beautiful to look and feels very expensive when your using it, the handle itself is heavy for a brush but it does give it that luxury feeling, the bristles are lovely and soft, bonus they also wash wonderfully! Down to the actual usage of the brush they are brilliant and apply products like a dream, would highly recommend this collection and any other Real Techniques collections.

Maybelline Colour Sensational shine gloss in the colour glorious grapefruit, I've been meaning to purchase this lipgloss for ages because of the amount of times Anna from Vivianna does makeup raves about it and well she's right! This is a beautiful gloss and a beautiful colour, they feel very moisturising on the lips but also give an amazing colour payoff, i've been reaching for this most of August and probably would be carrying on reaching for it in September!

TV Shows

This month i've been a very happy girl all because of the return of The British Bake Off, for anyone who isn't aware The British Bake Off is a Tv series that is casted on BBC 1 8pm every Wednesday, and is all about 12 amateur bakers, baking a number of challenges to win the master amateur baker, I love this show, yes i'm old!


OMG this month was the release of Insurgent from the Divergent series, I was so excited for this film to come out because I didn't have the  chance to go and see it in the cinema, as I was in work when this film came out Paul my boyfriend kindly went into town on the hunt for it and found it!!!!!!!! Unfortunately for him that night I made him sit down and watch it from start to finish, I was glued to the screen and have watched it a million times since, it's amazing, I don't want to spoil it and say what happens so if you were a fan of the books or just divergent the film then I would defiantly recommend buying this, can't wait for allegiant!

This was a short August favourites but I haven't been loving an awful lot of products only what I have mentioned, I have practically stuck to the same things because of work, but I hope you enjoyed reading what I have been loving throughout August, I would love to hear what you have been loving so leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, see you next time!



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