Friday 17 July 2015

Get To Know Me

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Hello….. So it’s been just over a week since I created my blog and still haven’t posted my first post, there’s no excuse other than being busy with work and by the time I get home the only thing I want to do is sleep, so to get my blog started I thought i’ll start by sharing a few facts about me and my life, so here it is!

  1.  My full name is Hannah Elizabeth Jarvis

  2.  I am 18 years old and born on the 24th September 1996

  3. Which means my star sign is Libra

  4.  I was born in Wrexham

  5. My height is 5.1

  6.  I’m the only child, which at times I rather like but can also be quite boring

  7.  I’ve just finished studying Btec level 3 extended diploma in hospitality and catering in college

  8. I start university in September and will be studying Hospitality and events management (which sounds kinda fancy)

  9. My dream career is an events organiser, I love looking at how events are put together

  10.  I have a ‘Part time’ job in my local Morrisons ( suppose to be part time practically live there)

  11. My job role is bakery sales assistant- which basically is putting bread out and cleaning for 8 hours

  12. I have blonde, boob length hair, which never does what I want

  13. I have brown eyes

  14.  I only have two piercings, they are both in my ears, i’m kinda a wimp when it comes to getting piercings or tattoos

  15.  I had really bad crooked teeth all the way until the age of 13 which was when I then had braces

  16. For the brief (felt a lot longer) period I had braces came the nickname ‘Braceface’

  17. I’m a lefty

  18.  I’m currently learning to drive

  19. I have a Nissan Micra Sport+

  20.  My dream car at the moment is a mini cooper

  21.  My favourite colour is beige/pink

  22. I hate cheese, the taste and smell makes me feel sick

  23.  My first concert was to see Example in Liverpool

  24.  Favourite films are The fault in our stars and divergent series

  25.  My favourite current TV shows are Once Upon A Time and Orange is the new black- OBSESSED!!!

  26.  I would love to see Olly Murs, Paloma Faith, OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran live, they are also my favourite artists

  27.  Songs i’m currently loving are, Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies and Lana del ray Young and Beautiful

  28.  I don’t have a favourite restaurant me and my boyfriend love trying new places

  29.  As you can guess from fact 27 I am in a relationship, he is the other half of me- Yes cheesy I know

  30.  My favourite book series is the Divergent series but I also enjoyed reading The Fault In Our Stars and We Are The Liars

  31.  I would like to get married one day

  32. And would like to have children only two though!

  33.  I am a shopaholic

  34.  I have a Persian cat called Holly

  35.  I have one foot bigger than the other

  36. I broke my leg when I was 12, I basically was walking up some steps, slipped and bang i was in a pot cast up to my hip for a month

  37. Before I broke my leg a week before I was talking to my friend and I said “I’ve never broke a bone” wish I never had said that now!

  38. I’ve got a scar on my foot where I broke my leg

  39. I would LOVE to travel the world

  40. I was lucky enough to swim with dolphins when I went to Orlando

  41. My biggest fear in life is failure and of course spiders and snakes

  42. I use to love the smell of freshly made bread but now I work in bakery, I soon got fed up of the smell

  43. I don’t have any secret talents, i’m a very boring person

  44.  I would love either a Cocker Spaniel or a Dachshund

  45. I love Sunflowers, they just make me smile

  46. I love baking I find it very relaxing

  47. I can’t apply fake tan for the life of me

  48. I’m a very emotional person, I cry over anything

  49. I have 3 favourite quotes: ‘Might not be tonight, tomorrow or the next day but everything is going to be ok’, ‘Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’ and lastly ‘Everything Happens for a reason’.

  50.  The last fact is that I actually struggled to write this post because I’m not good at talking or writing about myself

So you’ve made it to the end, I hope reading this has made you feel like you know me more!

Thanks for reading



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